Bye Bye Buttons: Times are turning toward touch

Volvo announced at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show that their latest cars will contain touch screens to replace basic dashboard buttons. No more reaching around trying to find what you need to change. A clearly laid out tablet will contain all of your top used features in an easily accessible location.

Taking a Sunday drive and need to turn up the music? Don't worry, there will still be a knob to dial it up. This will be located along the bottom of the touch screen tablet that will be replacing all of the basic controls.


Many automotive companies have integrated touch screens into their dashboards but none have been quiet like those that Volvo will be utilizing. This innovative technology will continue to push Volvo into the luxury brand image as it advances into the future of automotive excellence.

Be sure to check out the 2015 line of Volvos that will surely have this technology inside!
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