Every year the holidays come around and you might find yourself wondering what to get some of the special people in your life. If this is a problem you’re having when trying to find the perfect gift for a car enthusiast, look no further than these five ideas:

  1. Anki Overdrive starter kit: This is a gift that has been known to please anyone from the age of 5 to the age of 95. Although it is considered a toy, it is no secret that adults find their fair share of enjoyment with such items as well. The Anki Overdrive is played on a physical toy car track, but is accompanied by an iOS or Android App. This game has received many outstanding reviews and is sure to be a hit for the holidays.
  2. NASCAR Hall of Fame experience: With tickets starting at just $19.95, you can gift this experience at a low cost. Said to be a shrine to “history, heritage and future of the sport,” this experience is sure to be a fantastic gift for any car lover, especially NASCAR fans.
  3. GoPro: You can order this gift online, or visit a local store such as Biggs Camera, located in Uptown Charlotte. While this gift isn’t specifically for a car, there are many ways to film a driving experience, others driving or even the exciting features of parked cars to create interesting videos.
  4. Plan an outing to experience the Charlotte Auto Fair: While this is a free event, you can plan a day to attend the Auto Fair, and make a day out with plans to potentially purchase parts or other items from the event. This event is from April 7-10, 2016 and features many outstanding vehicles, restoration parts, and supplies for almost any vehicle.
  5. Purchase a pass for the Exotic Car Drive: This experience is located in Kannapolis, NC, which is about 30 minutes outside of Charlotte, and priced at $149 per ticket. The drivers will get to choose between a Ferrari F430 and a Lamborghini Gallardo to get behind the wheel of and drive through a thrilling autocross course. 

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