Apple Volvo

SOMETIMES OWNING A car can be really stressful. Like when you can’t remember if you locked the doors or not and you’re already at work. So, wouldn’t it be nice for your car to remind you if you leave the doors unlocked?

And, if it could, say, send a notification to your phone that you’d left the doors on your car unlocked… wouldn’t it be even nicer if it could send a message to your Apple Watch?

That’s why Volvo has built an Apple Watch edition of its On Call connected car platform, which originally provided safety and location services in case of accident, breakdown, or theft. These days, it allows drivers to turn on their car remotely, turn on climate control functions, locate the car on a map, check fuel level and more. And now you can do all that from your wrist.

 The Volvo app will arrive at the end of June, alongside an update that allows users to push driving directions to the car from mobile devices.

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