When we hop in our cars ready to get started with the day, we rarely start driving with the realization that we might get into an accident on the road. And because of that thinking, some of us may take safety features for granted. I mean, who wants to “ruin” the process of buying a car and eventually enjoying a car with thoughts of getting into a crazed accident?

No one does. Until there’s an accident.

We want to encourage you to pay more attention to the safety features of a car because it really could mean the difference between life and death.

That’s why we compiled a list of four of the many features necessary to classify a car as one of the safest in the world.


1. Run-off road protection

Running a car off the road is a common accident that occurs for several reasons. Either the driver is fatigued and not able to optimally operate the vehicle, there are severe weather conditions which impairs the driver’s vision, or the driver is distracted by something either inside or outside of the vehicle. Unfortunately, many are injured as a result of these reasons – sometimes fatally.

Run-off road protection would actually protect the driver of the vehicle if the car went off the road. Essentially, the car would detect that the car is moving off the road and would then trigger the seat belts to tighten, protecting the driver from injury.


2.  Auto-brake at intersections

Accidents at intersections are very dangerous and could potentially cause a lot of harm for drivers and passengers in both vehicles. And because determining right-of-way is a bit difficult in some situations, these accidents often occur when a driver turns in front of an oncoming vehicle  - much to the dismay of all involved.

 Auto braking at intersections would be activated if the car senses that it’s turning in front of an oncoming vehicle. This could prevent an accident from actually occurring or could lessen the physical consequences of an accident.


3. City safety auto-braking functions

Even though the speed limits decrease, driving in the city can also be dangerous and prone to accidents. When there are so many other factors like pedestrians and cyclists to watch out for, accidents that occur can be tragic for those involved.

 These auto-braking functions would act as extra assistance to those driving in the city and high pedestrian areas. If there’s a high risk of colliding with a pedestrian, a cyclist, or another car, the car will sense this and apply the brakes.


4. Heavy-duty boron steel body

If an accident is unavoidable, you want to have a car that offers the best protection to keep you safe. How safe a car is starts with what its body is made out of.

 While almost all car bodies are made of mild steel, by far the safest cars are manufactured with boron steel. The addition of about 2 tenths of a percent of boron makes the steel of a car at least four times stronger. This metal is so hard it cannot be cut with a saw, and is harder than a drill bit. It can only be formed into shapes when it is glowing red at about 1800o F.


If you’re looking for a car that encompasses all of these safety features and more, look no further than a Volvo – specifically the Volvo XC90. It’s extremely fun to drive and you can do so while being safe. Head into University Volvo today to test-drive one!




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