So, you’ve been dreaming of your perfect car, right? You already have your money saved, you’ve been perusing car advice websites to make sure you choose the right make, model, and year, and you’ve even coerced someone into taking on this car buying trip with you.

So now you just waltz into the dealership, right? Not so fast!

You definitely want to make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and elements to make your car buying trip a success. If not, it could lead to you being unorganized and spending way more time at the dealership than needed, or even leaving without a car.

 So, make sure you’re cognizant of the following:


Before you buy, you need:

·      Pre-approval of a loan

·      A monetary figure of insurance costs

·      Proof of auto insurance

·      A valid driver's license

·      Means to pay the downpayment if one is necessary

·      If you're trading, bring: the current title and registration, owner’s manual, and all keys to the vehicle


After you buy, you need to:

·      Title and register your car

·      Obtain a license plate

·      Finalize insurance for the car

·      Become aware of the maintenance the car will possibly need

·      Begin making loan payments


If you follow this list, the time before, during and after your car purchase should be easy! If you’re interested in purchasing one of the safest and most enjoyable cars to drive, be sure to come in and take one of our awesome Volvos out for a test drive. You won’t be disappointed! 

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