Every year new makes and models of Volvo vehicles are produced, upgrades are common and awards are received. This year, Volvo is going above and beyond the standard vehicle upgrades by digging deep and finding out what it really is that consumers are looking for.

The answer is: technology.

For the first time ever, Volvo will be introducing two new features that will be available for certain makes and models by the end of the year.

By the spring of 2016, Volvo owners with the “Volvo on Call” feature will be able to talk to their car using a “Microsoft Band 2.” The Microsoft Band 2 is worn on the drivers’ wrist and will enable drivers to communicate with their car without taking their hands off the wheel. Some tasks the driver can request of the car include locking the doors, honking the horn, turning on the navigation system, starting the heat or AC or flashing the headlights.

If worn all the time, the Microsoft Band 2 can also track personal information such as sleep quality, heart rate and calorie burn, similar to a Fitbit.

According to the Volvo Car Group Global Newsroom press release, the Vice President of Electronics & Chassis at Volvo Car Group stated “Volvo is intent on making the car experience as easy and convenient as possible by utilizing the latest technology in the most relevant and inspiring ways. With voice control we are only just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible with digital assistant functionalities.”

Along with the Microsoft Band 2 technology, Volvo also has made advanced semi-autonomous driving features standard on the new Volvo S90.  This technology, called Pilot Assist, has already been used in the Volvo XC90, a Volvo that has won multiple awards, including being the safest Volvo ever made. However, the technology has been upgraded for the S90.

This advanced upgrade will allow the S90 to accelerate, decelerate and come to a stop on any road with clear lane markings. This upgrade will allow the Pilot Assist feature to work at speeds up to 80 M.P.H. as opposed to only 30 M.P.H. in the XC90. The S90 with this advanced technology upgrade is scheduled to be available to the public by the end of 2016.

With these exciting technology upgrades in our vehicles, there is no doubt that 2016 is the year to buy. If you are interested in checking out the XC90 today or any of our vehicles with “Volvo on Call” stop by or give us a call at (888) 584-9147 today!
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