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Q&A with University Volvo’s Michael Spinks

Michael Spinks is the Vice President of University Volvo, and has been with our company since 1986.  We asked Michael a few questions about the company so our readers could get to know him and University Volvo a little better.

In your opinion, what makes University Volvo stand out among the competition?

University Volvo is a single point dealership focusing solely on Volvo. We have a lot of long-term employees and all of our managers…

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The Future Has Arrived for Volvo

Every year new makes and models of Volvo vehicles are produced, upgrades are common and awards are received. This year, Volvo is going above and beyond the standard vehicle upgrades by digging deep and finding out what it really is that consumers are looking for.

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Giving the Gift of Hope this Winter

Give the gift of hope. This holiday season, Volvo will raise another million dollars in support Alex’s Lemonade Stand foundation. With your help, every time we sell a car, Alex’s vision will reach another milestone with a contribution to her foundation. Volvo is committed to donating one million dollars to the foundation, one car sale at a time. 

In 2004, eight year old Alex was struggling with cancer and was well on her way to achieving her vision that she could help find a cure by raising a million dollars selling lemonade one cup at a time.  Before…
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One Rodeo, One Volvo: The story behind the 2016 Volvo XC90 AWD Crossover

Some might find it hard to believe that a Swedish crossover utility vehicle (CUV) came to the Truck of Texas rodeo and rode away with not one, but several, top awards. Well, Volvo succeeded in disproving any doubters as the new generation 2016 Volvo XC90 AWD crossover took on seemingly more deserving vehicles and won the top prize – the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) 2015 CUV of Texas award. Read More.

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Volvo Brings Swedish Engineering to the U.S.

It’s so exciting when a project of global capacity brings new commerce and new jobs to an area. It does so much to help not only the local economy and community, but also our national economy and further establishes the U.S. as an able and willing global partner.

This past September 25th, I was able to witness a project of this magnitude and potential by being a guest at the official groundbreaking for…

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Buying a car: What you need to make your car-buying trip successful

So, you’ve been dreaming of your perfect car, right? You already have your money saved, you’ve been perusing car advice websites to make sure you choose the right make, model, and year, and you’ve even coerced someone into taking on this car buying trip with you.

So now you just waltz into the dealership, right? Not so fast!

You definitely want to make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and elements…

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Making Traffic Fun with Adaptive Cruise Control and Pilot Assist

There is nothing that a city dweller dreads more than being stuck in traffic. Slowly inching towards a location is mundane - it takes so much time out of the day that could be better spent doing other important things like working on a project, spending more time with loved ones, and eating.

 And while on the interstate, you may want to make use of your cruise control to be more efficient on gas. But how…

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4 Features a Vehicle Needs to be one of the Safest in the World

When we hop in our cars ready to get started with the day, we rarely start driving with the realization that we might get into an accident on the road. And because of that thinking, some of us may take safety features for granted. I mean, who wants to “ruin” the process of buying a car and eventually enjoying a car with thoughts of getting into a crazed accident?

No one does. Until there’s…

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Volvo Buys Polestar!

Volvo has bought 100% of Polestar. Volvo and polestar have been in partnership since 1996 when Volvo competed in the BTCC series. Now, Volvo has a true performance arm in house and we should see the benefits in more performance polestar Volvos. Stay Tuned
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